ExcelLearn, Philip Roseblade, Alison Roseblade, Specific Learning Difficulties, dyslexia


Summary of Services

ExcelLearn provides a Diagnostic Assessment Service to parents and schools
ExcelLearn offers Specialist Tuition Service incorporating "Sounds-Write" through its Shirley Centre and school-based tuition service.
ExcelLearn provides Vision Screening Service
ExcelLearn offers assessments for SAT/GCSE/A Level Access Arrangements (Sometime known as Special Examination Arrangements)
ExcelLearn offers assessment for Disabled Students Allowance
ExcelLearn arranges assessment and treatment using Neural Integration 7 Systems (Ni7)

At ExcelLearn we recognise that the needs of every student are unique. It follows therefore, that the time required to meet these individual needs may vary considerably. For a breakdown on Student Fees please call us on 023 80 5 10 100

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