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Phil Roseblade has been working closely with Woodhill Preparatory Schools as an advisor in Special Educational Needs since 2003.  I met him initially when he was approached by a parent to work on a one-to-one basis, tutoring a child for whom he had completed a comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment Report.  After seeing the progress of the child concerned, as well as the excellent relationship Philip had developed with the child and his teacher, I was confident to recommend his services to the parents of other children we had identified as having a level of Special Educational Needs.

Since that time, Philip has assessed and tutored many more children. He has been willing to interact and support the parents of these children, and gone on to help implement his suggestions in the classroom. Philip has integrated well with the staff.  They have found his individual advice supportive and directional, whilst his presence in the classroom to be proactive, yet inobtrusive. He has also assisted and advised Woodhill Schools over a number of issues ranging from individual behaviour management to the development of handwriting skills.

Philip has proven his worth at Woodhill.  Professional, dependable and an excellent communicator, I am glad to count him as an indispensible part of our team.

Mike Dacombe // Headteacher.