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We became aware that Charles was struggling with English whilst at infant school. On entry into junior school, Charles was assessed and found to be needing support for dyslexia. He was more than 2 years behind his chronological reading age and even more behind with his spelling.

The junior school were fantastic and offered all the help available within their budgetary restraints. However, we felt Charles needed more support if he was to reach his potential in his areas of strength - maths & science. The ExcelLearn Education Centre was able to provide that support.

Charles thoroughly enjoyed lessons with Phil Roseblade for several years. What made the support of ExcelLearn unique was Phil & Alison’s comprehensive knowledge of teaching children with specific learning difficulties; and their willingness to co-ordinate their work with that of the SENCO at Charles’ school. That ensured their specialist teaching complimented what he was doing in school.
This year Charles attained a grade C pass in his GCSE English Language and got B’s & C’s in all other subjects. We are convinced that receiving excellent support at a crucial time in his education made a significant difference to his results. Perhaps more importantly, it contributed to him having high self esteem and a positive attitude to learning.

Thank you ExcelLearn!

Barbara Foley // Parent